Heal Bones Naturally with OSSIOfiber®

Strong Bones without Metal Hardware

Many bone fractures and orthopedic procedures use metal hardware like screws, pins, or plates to hold your bones together and give them the stability and strength they need to heal.

Even with the best surgical technique, some people can feel this extra hardware in their body, including aches, sensitivity to cold, or even pain and discomfort. Metal hardware can cause additional complications, allergic reactions, and often require removal surgeries.

Ask your Doctor about the Better Approach to Bone Healing

With all the strength and versatility they provide, your Doctor uses OSSIOfiber® implants just like traditional hardware, but they’re not metal — they’re Bio-Integrative.

They contain the same natural minerals like those already found in your own bones, so the implant gradually disappears as the body heals itself — leaving nothing behind.

Find out more. Download and share this information sheet with your orthopedic professional and ask about OSSIOfiber®.

In a recent clinical study, 100% of Patients said they would recommend OSSIOfiber® to others.1

OSSIOfiber® vs Metal Hardware

The X-rays are of two similar patients who underwent the same surgical procedure. One patient was treated with Bio-Integrative OSSIOfiber® implants while the other was treated with permanent metal hardware.

OSSIOfiber® is available for most Foot/Ankle and Hand/Wrist surgical procedures and is covered by most insurance plans.

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* Individual results may vary. Product not shown to scale.
1. Pending publication. Data on File at OSSIO

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