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Great news for kids: OSSIOfiber® Metal-Free Compression Screws and Trimmable Fixation Nails are now FDA cleared for various bone fractures in children (ages 2-12) and adolescents (ages 12-21). Read More


Metal-Free Bunion Correction

OSSIOfiber® is the ALL-NATURAL, METAL-FREE answer 

to painful bunions & hammertoes that you’ve been waiting for. 

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Don’t Settle for Metal

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Outdated traditional metal implant and plate materials have not significantly changed in over 100 years.

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About 20% of the general population has metal hypersensitivity. This number is believed to be due to environmental factors, etc5.

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1 in 4 patients undergoing foot and ankle surgery have permanent hardware removed in a second surgery6.

4 Group 293 2 Ossio – Naturally Transformative Bone Healing

Complications, such as infection and wound healing issues, occur in up to 15% of hardware removal cases3.



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What is a MTP Fusion?

MTP Fusion is a surgical procedure used to treat a variety of conditions including arthritis of the 1st MTP(big toe) and other advanced bunion deformities.

In joint fusion surgery, the surgeon removes the cartilage from the damaged toe joint, aligns the bones in a straight position and then holds them so that they may grow together (fuse).

Award-Winning Technology That Patients Prefer and Recommend

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00000 Implantations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OSSIOfiber® is built with natural mineral fibers found in bone and held together with natural polymer. These materials have been successfully used in surgeries for over 30 years. The OSSIOfiber® implant will then be replaced by your own bone as you heal, leaving just your fully functional self behind.

Yes. OSSIOfiber® can be used in a variety of procedures in the upper and lower extremities. Please consult with your doctor on whether OSSIOfiber® is appropriate for your needs.

The OSSIOfiber® bio-integration process begins immediately after surgery and continues in a gentle, gradual, and predictable way until it is completely incorporated into the surrounding anatomy. The recovery period is similar to other implant materials. Ask your doctor for more information. OSSIOfiber® is the only implant solution that is there when you need it and gone after you don’t. 

Yes, OSSIOfiber® procedures are covered by most commercial insurance plans, Medicare, and Medicaid just like metal implants.

Yes. Metal implants are permanently inside your body and inside your bone, even after healing. The permanent nature of these metal implants can lead to allergic reactions, pain, and the weakening of the surrounding bone in your body. They can even lead to a second procedure years later to remove the implant.3

OSSIOfiber® is an all-natural implant that is stronger than the outer surface of your bone and provides robust stability during the healing process. With OSSIOfiber® implants, healing begins immediately after the procedure, with the implant fully integrated into your surrounding bone in 18-24 months.4

OSSIOfiber® is currently available in the United States, with plans to expand to other countries. Please see our surgeon locator to find an experienced OSSIOfiber® surgeon near you.

Every patient’s recovery journey is individualized. For most patients, weight bearing begins after 1 week of relative rest. The most common bunion correction procedure involves shifting the bones, which is called an Osteotomy, which takes about 6 weeks to heal. During that period, many patients are in a walking boot. OSSIOfiber is an alternative to metal screws to hold the bones while they heal. The big differentiator is that once the bones are healed, the OSSIOfiber patient has no remaining metal to create irritation and worry. Please ask your doctor what he/she recommends for your individual situation.

Hammertoe correction is often performed as part of bigger reconstruction plan (such as with Bunion Correction). In the event of isolated hammertoe correction, immediate heel weightbearing in a post operative shoe is typically recommended. Transition from post operative shoe to a roomy tennis shoe usually occurs around 4 – 6 weeks depending on the patient’s comfort. Please ask your doctor what he/she recommends for your individual situation.

Only a physician can tell you if OSSIOfiber® is right for you. As with any medical procedure, Individual postoperative results may vary. Recovery times and activity levels after surgery can vary based on the severity of the deformity, selected procedure, and other general health factors. Consult with your physician for information about the risks and benefits of surgery and/or if you are candidate for a surgical procedure.

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OSSIOfiber® has been used by over 900 surgeons across the US


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