Enabling The Body to Naturally Restore, Regrow, and Renew Bone

OSSIO aims to provide the first credible replacement to permanent implants. Metal implants can cause unwanted removal surgeries, associated complications, and an unnatural healing environment for patients, and, until now, the industry has fallen short on developing a fixation material that is both strong and bio-friendly.


Enables Intelligent Bone Regeneration with Nothing Left Behind

As a first-of-its-kind implant material, OSSIOfiber combines the strength required for functional fixation with the ability to fully integrate into the native anatomy without adverse inflammation. This proprietary technology can address many surgical applications through the manufacturing of endless implant designs. In addition, OSSIOfiber implants utilize existing reimbursement and surgical techniques.

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Strong, Secure Fixations

Bone In-Growth, Regeneration, and Replacement

Avoids Risks and Costs Associated with Permanent Implants

Vast Surgical Applications

Utilizes Existing Reimbursement and Surgical Techniques

About Us

Leadership, Innovation, and Experience

OSSIO strives to become THE gold standard in orthopedic fixation by encouraging natural bone healing that will ultimately eliminate hardware removal procedures, minimize implant-related complications, alleviate pain, and dramatically improve the healthcare economics of orthopedics. OSSIO has its development headquarters in Caesarea, Israel and its commercial headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

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For product inquiries or purchasing questions contact 833-781-7373 or email info@ossio.io

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OSSIO is a young, fast-growing company that is always on the lookout for talented people to join its multidisciplinary team. If you are highly motivated and inspired to heal bone better, please send your CV to info@ossio.io.