Enabling Surgeons to Restore, Regrow, and Renew Bone without Metal

OSSIOfiber® is the first-of-its kind implant material to securely fixate and fully integrate into the native anatomy with nothing left behind.

Unlike other implants, OSSIOfiber® contains the same organic minerals found in bones themselves, but it’s stronger—it eventually becomes part of the bone, encouraging a return to full strength naturally without the risks and costs associated with permanent hardware.1

Patients prefer and recommend it.2

1. Data on File at OSSIO

2. Clinical Study Data on File at OSSIO

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Utility for Multiple Applications

OSSIOfiber® Trimmable Nail Fixation System

  • Screw-like stability with the utility of a trimmable nail
  • Convenience of disposable, sterile instruments
  • Available Sizes: 2.4 X 30mm, 2.4 X 50mm, 4.0 X 50mm

Same Procedure, New Technology

OSSIOfiber® Hammertoe Fixation System

  • Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP) Fusion Implant
  • Convenience of disposable, sterile instruments
  • Available Sizes: 2.5 X 16mm (S), 2.9 X 19mm (M), 3.2 X 21mm (L)

Coming Soon

OSSIOfiber® Compression Screw Fixation System

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