Bio-Integrative OSSIOfiber® Hammertoe Fixation System

Innovation and Convenience Delivered In One Package

The combination of the implant plus disposable instrumentation provides easy insertion and secure fixation for proximal interphalangeal (PIP) fusion procedures while utilizing existing surgical techniques.

OSSIOfiber® Hammertoe Fixation Implant


  • Comprised of OSSIOfiber® Intelligent Bone Regeneration Technology
  • Strong, secure fixation for PIP fusions
  • Ability to fully integrate into surrounding anatomy without adverse inflammation
  • Artifact-free on CT and X-ray, MRI safe


Choose the size and orientation that best fits your patients’ needs:

Three sizes
2.5×16 mm (S), 2.9×19 mm (M), and 3.2×21 mm (L)

Two orientations
0º and 10º


1. Data on File at OSSIO.
2. Pre-clinical animal studies (in-bone implantation of OSSIOfiber and PLDLA control in rabbit femurs). Data on File at OSSIO.

Convenient Disposable Kit

The sterile, disposable kit includes everything you will need to insert the OSSIOfiber® Hammertoe Implant.

  • Implants packaged with disposable instruments and as stand-alone for cost savings
  • No additional handling requirements or freezer storage required


Included in Kit:

  • K-Wire
  • Drill Bit
  • Implant preloaded on Inserter

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Surgical Technique Guide for Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP) Fusion

Same Procedure, New Technology

Strong, Bio-Integrative Fixation Begins with a Familiar 5 Step Process

  • Instrumentation enables optimal tunnel creation in the middle and proximal phalanx
  • Visual and tactile confirmation ensures reproducibility
  • Easy implant insertion and reduction for secure fixation

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The Science Behind OSSIOfiber® Intelligent Bone Regeneration Technology

A True Breakthrough in Orthopedic Fixation

As a first-of-its-kind implant material, OSSIOfiber® is stronger than cortical bone and leaves nothing permanent behind. It leverages the individual integration mechanism of both material components and internal micro- architecture to achieve the optimal environment for bone healing.

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Bio-Integrative OSSIOfiber® Hammertoe Fixation Implant Benefits

See Fusion, Not Hardware

The X-ray images to the right show the OSSIOfiber® Hammertoe Implant fixated in the second toe (PIPJ).

The 6-month X-ray showcases radiological fusion.

OSSIOfiber® material technology has similar radiodensity to cortical bone, is artifact-free on X-ray/CT and is MRI safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the OSSIOfiber®Hammertoe Fixation System covered under existing reimbursement?

Yes, it is covered under CPT Code 28285 (Repair of a Hammertoe).

Can OSSIOfiber® be removed, if necessary?

Yes, OSSIOfiber® an be drilled through or cut with instruments such as an oscillating saw, if necessary.

What makes OSSIOfiber® different from a bio-resorbable implant?

OSSIOfiber® is the first and only Bio-Integrative Implant Technology. It is 5x stronger than conventional bioresorbables and uniquely contributes to early bone attachment and subsequent bone integration. Findings from a 2-year preclinical study comparing OSSIOfiber® to bioresorbables showed that unlike bioresorbables, OSSIOfiber® integrates in a gradual and predictable way, with no adverse inflammation observed. To learn more about our research, please fill out the form below and an OSSIO team member will be in touch.

How long does resorption take?

OSSIOfiber® fully incorporates with the surrounding anatomy in 78-104 weeks, as proven in pre-clinical studies. Bone attachment begins in as little as 2 weeks and continues in a gradual, predictable profile. For more information, please fill out the form below and an OSSIO team member will be in touch.

Where is OSSIOfiber® available?

OSSIOfiber® is currently commercially available in the US. If you are interested in using our products, please fill out the form below and a team member will be in touch.

Not available for sale outside of the US

Additional Resources

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